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Slow Cooker Prawn Chowder

prawn chowder

Slow Cooker Prawn Chowder

Creamy, satisfying and comforting, slow cooker prawn chowder takes 15 minutes to prepare, then simmers away in a crock pot for 2-5 hours.

Top it with freshly ground black pepper, snipped herbs and a squeeze of lemon.

Make it vegetarian

Turn this into Vegetarian potato chowder, by omitting the prawns.

Either way, you’ll serve up classic comfort food with a gourmet touch. Read more

Cream of mushroom chicken (crock pot)

Cream of mushroom chicken (crock pot) (slow cooker)

Melt-in- your-mouth cream of mushroom chicken. Free range chicken breast fillets simmered in cream of mushroom soup, onions, wine, extra mushrooms and a touch of pouring cream.  Prep 4 – 7 hours ahead of serving time, set and forget. Read more