About Susan


Hi and welcome, I’m Susan.

I work with board members, executives and government employees looking to build or grow their career to achieve their full potential. I also assist people looking to win their first board position, move into an executive role or transition into government employment.


Through listening to my clients, partnering with them, coaching them and creating strategic, powerful and effective customised career positioning materials to present them as leading candidates.

I’ve done this for 14 years, for hundreds of people, with outstanding results !

Unlike other career practitioners, I’ve LIVED my clients’ careers; with over 25 years’ combined leadership, board and government experience.

That means I’m not ‘just’ a resume writer, dreaming up resumes that miss the target because they haven’t experienced the reality of life in the sectors they write for.

I’m an experienced strategist, corporate communications professional, researcher, analyst and professional writer, with 14 years concurrent experience as a career consultant.

And with tertiary qualifications in psychology, human resources and policy development, I have the theoretical knowledge to complement my practical expertise.

I believe that’s why I have NEVER had a dissatisfied client – instead, I get feedback like this:

  • “Today I accepted a job offer as General Manager of (organisation) … I’m very excited and sincerely thank you for making my resume a winner.”
  • You’re brilliant! This is more than what I expected. Your attention to details is like no other! Thank you so much for all your input, feedback and everything that you’ve done.
  • “This is amazing. Thank you so much and your expert knowledge and skills are shining.”
  • “Thank you – the document you created is awesome!”
  • “Beautiful and thank you so much. What a great help …You have done a tremendous job.”
  • “Love it, thank you…you’re fab!!”
  • “Excellent work!”
  • “Thank you again for an amazing application.”

On a personal note … I’m the proud mother of an amazing son, my favourite cities are Paris and Rome and I’m a semi-vegetarian (yes, there is such a thing).  I’m an animal lover, hot weather hater, an avid meal planner and couldn’t get by without my lists and highlighter pens to stay organised.

If you’d like to find out more about my executive, board and government career services, please drop me a line via my contact page, or call 0437 005 620.