Putting your best face forward – 5 tips for a professional and engaging LinkedIn profile photograph.

What do a scuba diver in full gear, a bride, pets, an electrician’s torso, babies, logos and a person wearing a head to toe duck suit have in common?

They’re all profile photos that I found on LinkedIn while researching this article.

And each of them sabotaged their owner’s professional status and branding.

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Gender diversity on Australian boards – all sizzle while the sausage burns

The paucity of women on boards and other leadership roles across Australia is a symptom of a much deeper problem.

While government and the top end of town pat themselves on the back because of the sizzle of the ASX 200 having 29.7% female directors as at February 2019, the sausage of systemic gendered leadership discrimination across Australia is burning unattended.

After all if 29.7% of ASX 200 board seats are taken by women, 70.3% aren’t. And that is nothing to write home about.

Neither is the fact that three ASX 200 boards have no women. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

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