I’m Susan.

I’m a career consultant.

But I’m not just any career consultant.

I’m a professional and accomplished career consultant to board members, executives, government employees and graduates; with the knowledge, background, consulting skills and expertise to successfully manage your most complex career challenges.

I’m the career consultant who can do the heavy lifting for you!

I excel at:

  • strategically positioning and empowering board members, executives, government employees and graduates to build their careers and win the roles of their choice


  • creating perfectly articulated, structured and formatted career materials, to position my clients as leading applicants in high-risk, high-profile, politically and commercially sensitive environments, as well as in more conventional job search scenarios.

My work is not only highly professional; it is underpinned by over 25 years’ high-level board, corporate, government and human resources experience and a skill-set unique in Australia. That experience includes leadership of the Queensland Government’s Women on Boards strategy for a year and board membership of the previous Australian Businesswomen’s Network (now herBusiness) for eight years.

I hold tertiary qualifications in psychology and human resource management, and a postgraduate qualification in policy development. Combined, they add even more depth, professionalism and insight to my consulting services.

If you need a successful, experienced, highly professional career consultant to take over the heavy lifting career challenges that keep you awake at night, please feel welcome to contact me for professional support and expert assistance.