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Joining a non-profit board

If you’re looking to get onto your first board, have you thought about serving on a third sector (non-profit, charity or community) board or management committee?

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How to write a powerful board CV

Your board CV has one purpose.  To get you an interview.  And to achieve that, it must clearly demonstrate your unique value proposition as a board member. As a personal marketing document, it needs to focus on your leadership, strategic, and industry expertise. Not in general terms, but in a specific and targeted way that positions you as a leading candidate.

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3 types of interview questions you should know how to answer

There are three types of interview questions that all job seekers need to know how to answer: standard behavioural and situational. Standard interview questions

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Do Australian women really want gendered leadership targets?

The Australian Institute of Company Directors is calling for all boards, including small ASX entities, private business and not-for-profit organisations to ensure that 30 per cent of their directors are female, and urging S&P/ASX200 companies to meet this new target by the end of 2018.

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Consider a portfolio career – your inner chameleon will thank you for it!

A portfolio career? According to journalist, author and speaker Marci Alboher, if you can’t answer ‘What do you do?‘ with a single word or phrase, you probably have a portfolio career. Portfolio careerists earn their income from a combination of part-time employment, temporary work, freelance assignments or a personal business, or they work a full-time job, while pursuing other lucrative interests.

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Gender diversity on Australian boards – all sizzle while the sausage burns

The paucity of women on boards and other leadership roles across Australia is a symptom of a much deeper problem. While government and the top end of town pat themselves on the back because of the sizzle of (almost) 1 in 5 ASX 200 directors being female, the sausage of systemic gendered leadership discrimination across Australia is burning unattended.  

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How to get onto your first board

I’m often asked “How can I get onto a board, when I don’t have any board experience?”.

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Oh the irony, PM’s dept trails in Govt’s women on boards equity report

According to the Australian Government’s Gender Balance on Australian Government Boards Report 2013-14, 36.5% of the 639 new appointments to Australian Government boards during 2013-14, were awarded to women.

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