Is a portfolio career for you?

You can design your portfolio career around whichever combination of freelancing, part-time, volunteering and full-time work suits you.  And if your circumstances change, you can redesign your career. 

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Passionate, motivated and creative? LinkedIn has bad news for you.

  Does your LinkedIn profile say you’re passionate and motivated? Does it say you’re “creative”, “driven” and have “extensive experience”? If so, LinkedIn branding expert Catherine Fisher has bad news for you. Very bad, in fact. According to Fisher, the top ten overused professional buzzwords on LinkedIn internationally in 2014 were:

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Gender diversity on Australian boards – all sizzle while the sausage burns

The paucity of women on boards and other leadership roles across Australia is a symptom of a much deeper problem. While government and the top end of town pat themselves on the back because of the sizzle of (almost) 1 in 5 ASX 200 directors being female, the sausage of systemic gendered leadership discrimination across Australia is burning unattended.  

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How to get on a board when you don’t have any board experience

One of the questions I’m asked most often from women who’d like to take their first step to a board career is “How can I get onto a board, when I don’t have any board experience?”.

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Oh the irony, PM’s dept trails in Govt’s women on boards equity report

According to the Australian Government’s Gender Balance on Australian Government Boards Report 2013-14, 36.5% of the 639 new appointments to Australian Government boards during 2013-14, were awarded to women.

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The essential board CV

Did you know that a board resume is not the same as a standard job seeking resume? Board resumes should be pitched at the highest strategic level to showcase the value you can add to the board’s existing skillset.

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April 2014

Breaking the glass ceiling - powerful career advancement strategies for executive women

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